Welcome to Etops Dataservices

former Infinys AG

We successfully implement straight through processing software solutions for the financial sector since 1999. We focus on excellence in efficient data processing in multibank environments and offer customized services for our clients.

The most efficient solution to integrate your custodian data feed with your target systems. A modular architecture makes our Business Integrator engine a customizable powerful software which enables automation through all processing phases of the financial data, from preparation to processing in your end system. A monitoring interface allows a dataflow overview of all processes enabling data management in a multi banking environment and quick and straightforward error handling.

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is the newest trendsetting common standard for the electronic data exchange with financial institutes. With the EBICS Integrator solution from infinys systems you can use this new and secure method today already and download your data from multiple banks.

The Integrator Cockpit allows our customers to gain an at a glance overview of the financial data flowing into their target systems through the Business Integrator and enables them to easily manage their data. Furthermore it gives valuable feedback on the consistency of their data and intuitively provides detailed information every step of the way as well as displaying relevant information of all of their assets.

The base of our IT and banking knowledge are long-term experiences as well as academic studies and our passion to technological evolution and trends. The familiarity with customer requirements enable our team of expert to help you reach your data integration and automation goals through comprehensive consulting and development services.