Endsystem Integration

Our integrated „data to business“ solution, from the data provider sources to your target system

A simple picture of an automated integrated solution as an example of the way we enable “data to business” for our clients covering all workflow phases. Through EBICS Integrator we take your financial data from the providers, process them with our Business Integrator Engine so that they become ready to use. During the whole process, our Integrator Cockpit monitor interface tracks the dataflow until the data finally enters your end system successfully.

Custodian-Bank Plugins

  • Acrevis St. Gallen
  • Aquila & Co.
  • Banca Zarattini & Co.
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
  • Banque Morval
  • Berner Kantonalbank
  • Bethmann
  • BNP Paribas Schweiz
  • Citibank
  • Cornèr
  • Credit Suisse Guernsey
  • Credit Suisse Hong Kong
  • Credit Suisse CH inc. NAB
  • Credit Suisse Italy
  • Credit Suisse Singapore
  • Credit Suisse UK
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DZ Bank
  • Edmond de Rothschild
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Hinduja Bank
  • HSBC Zurich
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Julius Bär
  • Julius Bär Hong Kong
  • LGT
  • Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch
  • Luzerner Kantonalbank
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Neue Bank (Liechtensteiner Privatbank)
  • Pictet
  • PKB Privatbank SA
  • Rahn & Bodmer
  • Raiffeisen Privatbank FL
  • Safra Sarasin
  • St.Galler Kantonalbank
  • Swissquote
  • UBP (Union Bancaire Privée)
  • UBS Deutschland mit AIDE
  • UBS Europe
  • UBS Hong Kong
  • UBS Luxembourg
  • UBS Monaco
  • UBS Primebroker
  • UBS Schweiz
  • UBS Singapur
  • UBS UK
  • Sigma Bank
  • Vontobel
  • VP Bank
  • Wiener Privatbank
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Zuger Kantonalbank

EBICS Integrator

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is the newest trend-setting common standard for the secure electronic data exchange with financial institutes
Data downloads from UBS, CS, VP Bank, DZ Bank, BLKB, LUKB, SGKB, TGKB, ZKB are available immediately
EBICS Integrator can be installed on standalone machines as well as on servers for multiple user access purpose
EBICS Integrator is already distributed worldwide and is in evolution through steady integration of new banks
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EBICS Protocol & Security

  • Internationally accepted security standard.
  • Standardized key activation process.
  • Authentication through private cryptographic keys.
  • Allows encrypted data transfer.

Multibank Connection

  • Centralized solution to connect multiple banks.
  • Connection to major and swiss regional banks are available.
  • Simple activation of new bank connections.
  • Data routing configuration feature for each bank.

Automatic Download Mode

  • Fully automated daily data processing.
  • Daily automatic download at scheduled time.
  • Simple installation, backup and migration features.
  • Suitable as a standalone for server environments.

Intuitive and Flexible

  • User friendly, intuitive, flexible frontend.
  • Download settings for each filetype.
  • Customizable data routing to target directory.

Business Integrator

The most efficient solution to integrate your custodian data feed and financial data in your target systems
The modular architecture of our Business Integrator allows a flexible, simple and fast integration of your custodians
The Business Integrator Message Engine checks the quality and integrity of your S.W.I.F.T. data
Your financial data is processed applying business logic rules specific to your custodian banks and target systems
Processed financial data in a standardized format is ready to be reused or automatically entered in your target system
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Multibank Processing

  • Keep financial data of all your banks at your fingertips.
  • Enable aggregation and data quality control of your financial data.
  • Centralize the data processing to reach a standardized unique output format.
  • Combine data streams across your domestic and foreign financial institutions.
  • Attain all the advantages of the automated electronic bank interfaces.

Chosen Custodian Banks

  • Over 60 custodian interface plugins are available on choice.
  • Standard plugin for international and swiss major and regional banks.
  • Complete and high-quality processing of the main financial data types.
  • High transactions type coverage for every custodian bank. From standard instruments to corporate actions and complex derivatives.

Automation & Cost Optimization

  • Fully scalable solution through a smart modular architecture.
  • Cost efficiency increase through optimization of resources.
  • Reduce processing time and mistakes of manual data handling.
  • Faster processing of high data volume in an excellent quality.

Data Ownership & Security

  • Keep all sensitive and confidential data in your own hands.
  • Grant data access only to authorized people.
  • Gain an electronic data feed control solution to complement your existing systems.

Integrator Cockpit

Gain a visual overview of all the data flowing into your target systems through the Business Integrator and easily manage it.

HighLevel Overview

  • Be greeted by a beautiful dashboard that summarizes all the information of the current day.
  • See which custodian downloads have already been completed.
    See how many messages have been successfully processed.
  • See an overview of any open tasks of the day.
  • Assign tasks within the team and manage the workflow.

Issue Detection

  • See if the data sent by your custodians is complete.
  • Automatically reconcile the transactions sent by your banks and get a report of any mismatches.
  • Get simple instructions on how to fix any possible discrepancies.

Detailed Information

  • The overview allows an easy drill down to get detailed information on any topic related to your financial data.
  • See specifically for which custodian and which client there are pending todos.
  • Get relevant information to assets sent by your custodians with our embedded search engine.

Manage Changes

  • Intuitively manage the routing of your data to various target systems.
  • Easily reorder transactions.
  • Manage all your configurations and mappings via Excel uploads or directly in the integrator cockpit.
  • Create new destination accounts with different target systems.
  • Edit, group and reassign portfolios and clients.